As you can imagine, the name of our farm symbolizes the history and the roots of our wheat production activity: In recent years, in addition to the graminaceous crops, we also prouce various types of herbs, lentils, and for a few years, we have been advocating the organic hazelnut of Viterbo.
The surface of our fields extends over 40 hectares.
Being organic producers, we are therefore anchored in tradition without disdaining innovations.
The history of the wheat production means that in the accomodation facility there is a SILO, that in ancient times was used as warehouse for various wheat, which is now renovated, where you can enjoy a view that is not bad, considering the height of over 10 meters; the strong point of our agriresort acts as a “BIG BOSS” and supervises the lounge of about 180 sq.m. Our comfort rooms are equipped with particular interiors, as the theme choosen for each single is unique and each space is designed to being able to relax, the keyword of your stay ath the GRANAIO DEL PAVONE.

I nostri amici a 4 zampe sono sempre ben accetti.

Where we are

Via Cassia al Km 35.089 in Nepi

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Il Granaio del Pavone Nepi